02 April 2013

what I learned from giving up facebook for lent . . .

  1. Facebook was sucking my life away [this seems quite obvious]. I got so much more accomplished without it! I read my Bible! I had more energy! I was happier!

  2. Most of what I thought to post were veiled complaints. I guess I'm more negative or am looking for people's sympathy more than I thought . . . lame. I love my life. No more of that.

  3. If I need to rest and relax, I'd much rather watch TV or read - at least I'm actually being entertained or made a better person. For example, watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon makes me a better parent; instead of being mad at the little guy for things that he can't help as a six-month-old, I now speak to him in thank-you notes when I get frustrated: "Thank you, Ornery Boy, for waiting until after I showered to spit up directly down my shirt."

  4. The only things I truly missed were happy birthdays from so many lovely people and finding out when some babies were born . . . but now I saw them and am happy, just a few weeks late.
So there you go. I'll probably only be on facebook [except to use/check messages] a couple times a week. Yell at me if I complain, even if it's in a funny way.

I'm off to fill the crockpot with vegetable beef stew . . . yeah, didn't even attempt to give up Pinterest for 40 days. Impossible.